Welcome to Cracked Glass!

Let’s talk straight.  46.2% of the labour force in Canada is made up of women, but we only hold 32% of managerial roles, 14% of senior management roles, and 6.7% of the highest corporate titles – CEO, CFO, or COO.  I’m lucky, I’m a VP and make up part of that 14%. Truthfully, in my career which has been predominantly male-dominated careers I never really cared about the lack of females around me.  I mean, I get IT…no really, working in Information Technology meant that often I was the only female in the room.  Personally, when I was younger, I felt like it was a feather in my cap.  Ya I ran with the guys, and they respected me because I knew my stuff.

However, age has a way of providing you with insight.  Now I realize that being the lone female in an industry is an alarming trend, and truthfully, I feel it places organizations at a disadvantage.  Consider the Automotive industry in which I found myself.  A few years ago, the numbers come out that everything has changed and the major decision makers in the purchase of a vehicle are now women, not men.  Yet, the majority of decision makers producing these products at the Automotive OEM’s are men.  It makes no sense.  Can you imagine if Revlon or Maybelline had no female executives weighing in?

Thus the creation of Cracked Glass, where I will be taking a hard close look at issues challenge women in today’s world. My goal? To enlighten myself on what I can be doing to help my fellow younger sisters so that they too can experience the thrill of cracking the glass!


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