Top 5 online tools I adore!

I’m back in the world of technology, right where I belong….  I’m pretty sure that’s the beginning of some lyrics to a fantastic song.  In celebration of my return to all things tech I want to share my current favourite SAAS tools that I love because they’ve simplified my life! Here they are:

#1 –

Back at the turn of the century right after the automobile was invented and just before Y2K: eager project managers who were taking their courses to get their PMPs were forced to create their own dashboards to manage all their projects. The horror! It was like living in the dark ages. Enter the good king and his mighty knights of the project management round table who saw this evil and created .  I have years of PM experience under my belt but this tool is SO user-friendly that I tested it on those who really haven’t been exposed to the world of PMP and within an hour they were mapping out multiple projects. Don’t believe me? They have a free trial so go check it out yourself.

#2 –

Everyone knows about this presentation tool but I really needed to add it here.  Heart-wrenchingly I was behind in the discovery of this tool but I’m sure that PPT is watching its share slip – or rather – swoosh away with the ability to create really really cool presentations.  I appreciate this as a person who has to endure boring presenters on a regular basis.  Look at this way, just because you’re a bore doesn’t mean your presentation can’t rock!

#3 –

Once upon a time I had a television show and famously I announced to one of my designers that I would need them to whip up “5 minutes of animation” to fill a gap in our show…and could they have it done for tomorrow please and thank you.  The look of death was appropriate. The fact they still talk about it 6 years later shows my utter lack of appreciation for the effort that went into the masterpiece I ended up receiving.  That said, would have solved all our problem had existed back then.  It’s easy to use and I love the fact that I can do voice overs right from my computer for my animation!  I also just found which I haven’t yet tested but it looks promising – and they use the word “awesomeness” in their pitch so I’m all over it.

#4 –

“Infographics” are everywhere.  We live in a very visual world with way too much content for us to consume so it makes sense that presenting that data in an infographic is going to help  you cut through the clutter.  Once again, here’s an item that once required graphic designer and now has created really great templates that makes it looks like you paid the big bucks when you didn’t.  Saves time. Saves money. What’s not to love?

#5 –

Ok, I have to admit that I have a personal connection to both the developers of this tool. That said, it really is the EASIEST way to draw and share maps.  I’ve used it in sales to quickly upload a list of targets and map out their geography so that I can better use my time when I’m in that region or area.  Others use it to map out the plans for their gardens,  police use it for investigations, etc. You get the idea.  It’s extremely useful with numerous applications!



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